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Supporting nurses to care for themselves - and to care for patients better

NursingWell is a structured programme of interventions aimed at supporting nurses to care for themselves in order to care for others. These interventions have been integrated into all our teaching and learning programmes. It is increasingly clear that nurses cannot give their best unless they are cared for, and are able to care for their own mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. NursingWell has been designed to support nurses to look after themselves and each other, and to look after patients better.

Our goal is to provide enhanced student support across a number of areas, including emotional support, stress management and personal development. A structured programme has been developed and is being integrated into our learning programmes, which includes enhanced mentorship, structured peer support and guided study sessions designed to help build: 

  • individual stamina and resilience
  • emotional and social support and stress management   
  • knowledge of quality improvement and change management techniques
  • personal leadership competencies (the ability to inspire and lead teams, advocate for change, and overcome resistance)
  • critical thinking skills in preparation for research preparedness.

NursingWell is integrated into all our work.

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