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Below is a list of publications, written or co-written, by members of the Initiative team (in chronological order):

2010 onwards: 

Tume, L., Coetzee, M., Dryden-Palmer, K., Hickey, P., Kinney, S., Latour, J., Pedreira, M., Sefton, G., Sorce, L. and Curley, M. 2015. 'Pediatric critical care nursing research priorities - Initiating international dialogue', Pediatric Critical Care Medicine, 16 (6), e174-e182

Davis, C., Hendry, I., Barlow, H., Leonard, A., White, L., Coetzee, M., 2014, 'Journal club: Integrating research awareness into postgraduate nurse training', Curationis, 37(2), 1-9.

Leonard, A., Verster, A., Coetzee, M., 2014. 'Developing family-friendly signage in a South African paediatric healthcare setting', Curationis, 37(2), 1-7.

Okaisu, E., Kalikwani, F., Wanyana, G., Coetzee, M., 2014. 'Improving the quality of nursing documentation: An action research project', Curationis, 37(2), 1-11.

Coetzee, M., 2014, 'Re-envisioning paediatric nurse training in a re-engineered health care system', Curationis, 37(2), 1-8.

2005 - 2010 

Kruger, J., Coetzee, M., 2010/2011, 'Children's relationships with professionals', South African Child Gauge, 36-42.

Coetzee, M., 2008, 'Spotlight on PICU: Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa', Pediatric Intensive Care Nursing, 9(1), 22-24.

Coetzee, M., Britton, M., Clow, S. E., 2005, 'Finding the voice of clinical experience: Participatory action research with registered nurses in developing a child critical care nursing curriculum', Intensive and Critical Care Nursing, 21(2), 110-118.

Coetzee, M., 2005, 'Are children really different from adults in critical care settings?', Southern African Journal of Critical Care, 21(2), 70-76.

Doherty, T. M., Coetzee, M., 2005, 'Community health workers and professional nurses: Defining the roles and understanding the relationships', Public Health Nursing, 22(4), 360-365.

Pre 2005 

Coetzee, M., 2004, 'Learning to nurse children: Towards a model for nursing students', Journal of Advanced Nursing, 47(6), 639-648.

Coetzee, M., 2003, 'Providing care locally: nurses' roles in the provision of health care in South Africa', Emeroy International Law Review, 17, 799-817.

Irlam, L., 2002, 'Family-Centered Care in Paediatric and Neonatal Nursing - A Literature Review', Curationis, 25(3), 28-34.(Lauren Rees, writing in her maiden name)

Coetzee, M., 2000, 'What is it that matters most in the practice of nursing children?', Curationis, 23(3), 81-85.