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Initiative Staff Members

We have a passionate team committed to Building Children’s Nursing together. To
read more about them, click on the links below:



Minette Coetzee

Assoc Professor Child Nurse Practice Development

Clare Davis

Lecturer - Critical Care Child Nursing

Inger Hendry

Lecturer - Child Nursing

Lauren Rees

Lecturer - Child Nursing

Johnathan Muller-Stuurman

Clinical Educator - Critical Care Child Nursing

Tracy-Ann Castle

Clinical Educator - Child Nursing

Lee-Ann White

Clinical Learning Facilitator

Estelle Tilley

Clinical Educator - Critical Care Child Nursing

Natasha North

Research Programme Director

Angela Leonard

Clinical Practice Researcher

Nina Power


Candice Bonaconsa

Clinical Practice Researcher

Jane Vos

Programme Manager

Faiza Pearce

Administrative Officer

Galiema Manuel

Administrative Assistant

Jane Booth

Advanced Nurse Practitioner - Master of Nursing in Child Nursing Programme