To date, two nurses from Uganda have undertaken training with the Child Nurse Practice development Initiative. Both have returned to service leadership roles in Uganda, and we continue to work with them to support the implementation of practices learned on the programme to improve care for children. 

Partnership visit to CURE Hospital, Uganda

Date of visit: May 2015

Visiting Initiative Staff: Minette Coetzee & Angela Leonard (pictured left and right, respectively)

The brief: 

The Executive Director of the CURE Children's Hospital, Uganda invited us to facilitate a 4 day combined teaching and facility-wide practice development process with the multidisciplinary staff teams from the hospital. The pathway of a child through the hospital was tracked; the roles of both health care workers and parents were articulated; organizational and communication norms were discussed and opportunities for developing practice and improvement were capitalised. Visual graphic harvesting (see behind Lydia in the picture to the right) made their current practice visible; staff identified opportunities for refining practice and saw their triumphs displayed. The use of the employee engagement tool complimented the process. 

Feedback from the hospital: 
Lydia SsenyongaAssistant Director of Nursing at CURE Children’s Hospital (pictured centre in picture above), shared:

“As a Masters prepared nurses with postgraduate paediatric nurse training, the relationship has always been between the Initiative and me, but, by the end of the visit, there was lots of buy-in from other staff members. The visit helped me and the CURE staff to track our patient pathway; we had never had someone observe and reflect back to us our model of care before. We are hoping that the Initiative can help the nursing staff to write and publish what we do at CURE and to help us keep current with new models of care and ways in which to improve our practice.”