The Child Nurse Practice Development Initiative welcomed the first student from Namibia in 2012. Since then we have trained 3 nurses as child or child critical care nurses. We continue to work with service leaders in Namibia (at Windhoek Central Hospital, WCH) to prepare for the establishment of in-country training as soon as this becomes feasible.

Partnership visit to Windhoek Central Hospital

Date of visit: 22nd - 24th June 2014

Visiting Initiative Staff: Candice Bonaconsa & Minette Coetzee (left in the picture)

The brief: 
The Initiative was asked to facilitate a three day collaborative multidisciplinary workshop by programme graduate Beatrix Callard (right in the picture), Acting Matron of Windhoek Central Hospital Maternity Ward, using graphic facilitation, to identify the care pathway of an ill child to and from home, and through peripheral care facilities to the Windhoek Hospital Complex. The elements that pose and decrease risk along the care pathway were identified; the complexity of the pathway became apparent and led to discussions to improve communication in and between departments; networking in the paediatric community was achieved, and the ministry of health was briefed on the outcomes of the workshop.