Developing paediatric intensive care in Ghana

Ghana is the most northern country with whom we are currently partnered. It is a country of approximately 26 million people, nearly 40% of whom are younger than 15 years old (WHO). Neonatal mortality rate is currently 28 per 1000 births and Infant mortality 49 per 1000 births (UNICEF). 

Paediatric nursing training programmes are well established but paediatric critical care is a new speciality for the country. In 2014, Caroline Essel and Abeiku Yankson (See below) came to Cape Town and both graduated with a Postgraduate Diploma in Child Critical Care Nursing. They returned, and alongside Dr John Appiah, who also trained as a Paediatric Intensivist via APFP at Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital , have set up the first Paediatric Intensive Care in the country at the Komfo Anoyke Teaching Hospital, Kumasi

In 2015, Sarah Bruce-Smith and Lucy Dapaah took their turn to come to Cape Town for the year and have also graduated with Postgraduate Diplomas in Child Critical Care Nursing. They too returned to join this team of highly motivated clinicians working hard to improve the lives of critically ill children in the country. We look to welcoming more students in 2016 and will  continue to work with the team as well as partners at national level to build child, and in particular child critical care, nursing capacity.