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About Us

The Child Nurse Practice Development Initiative is the main training hub for children's nursing on the African Continent. 

From small beginnings, we have:

  • Trained more than 200 children's nurses from 9 countries
  • Established new in-country training capacity in 3 other African countries
  • Held the inaugural dedicated paediatric nursing conference in southern Africa.

In order to address the current clinical context of child health, from our base at Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital  in Cape Town, we are working to:

  • Continue training paediatric and paediatric critical care nurses
  • To establish additional training hubs across Africa

Our specific goals are: 

1. Building children’s nursing for Africa, in Africa, by:

  • training children’s nurses
  • collaborating with strategic partners across the African continent

2. Building the knowledge base for children's nursing in Africa, by::

  • making sure that what we teach, and the work that nurses do, is informed by the best available evidence
  • developing locally and regionally tailored educational materials
  • strengthening nursing practice through applied research and improvement science  

3. Building strong and sustainable system capacity, by:

  • working with in-country teams in other African countries to establish new training hubs for child health nursing
  • working with stakeholders at every level to accelerate child health nursing training and workforce development
  • supporting the establishment of a dynamic community of child health nursing leaders, educators, researchers and practitioners across Africa.